WIDER REALITY: Many of us innately know that reality is broader than the five senses. Experiences of this larger realm are as old as human history–one feels them in the human body. With a little help from techniques such as meditation, the human organism is aware on a cosmic level. But let’s start on the ground: in addition to the five senses, we sense through our overall musculature (kinesthetically, a.k.a. proprioception), temperature (thermoception), balance (equilibrioception), and feeling of time (chronoception). The list goes on. These perceptions mingle in our nervous systems and translate into feelings. The placebo effect, autopoiesis, epigenetics, and energy psychology all point to the power of feeling in the human organism. We are connected to the universe at large, via our feelings, via our bodies.
INTUITION: Beyond the physical level, our feeling of intuition tells us that we are a drop of water in an infinite holographic ocean of Existence. Many of us have had experiences of Satori—a feeling of the infinite “remainder of things.” We feel that nonlocal connection deeply. Often “subjective” is used to mean “not real,” but feeling is what the universe is about.
ONTOLOGICAL PRIMITIVES: Consciousness itself is the fundamental and ontological primitive—it doesn’t need to be explained. There must be a bottom turtle, and science itself knows about this idea. “Branes” in String Theory, the Quantum Vacuum, quarks, and Planck Lengths in quantum physics, are examples of primitives in science. Nothing is needed to explain them. Scientists accept them as final realities. This website is for those who want to explore the ontological primitives that are more primitive than the scientific primitives. Metaphysics deals with speculative, primitive, and final reality.
METAPHYSICS & FEELING: We have the intuition that “feeling” goes to the root of existence. The universe itself is “alive” in some primitive sense. On this site we explore many themes, the primary one being the new worldview put forth by Alfred North Whitehead and Process Metaphysics. Using ideas drawn from quantum theory, relativity theory, direct empirical experience, and intuition, in the 1920s and 1930s, Whitehead put together a new worldview which showed how everything is connected and everything is, in a sense, primitively alive.