The Other Krishnamurti

Many people know J. Krishnamurti: “JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI was born May 12, 1895, in Madanapalle, south India. From 1929 until his death in 1986 he traveled all over the world speaking spontaneously to large audiences. He engaged in dialogues with religious leaders, scientists, professors, authors, psychologists, computer experts, and people from many different backgrounds deeply questioning their daily life. His talks and dialogues have been compiled and published in more than fifty books and translated into as many different languages.”

But not many people know UG Krishnamurti.  It’s more difficult to explain him in a quote or two.  Most want to push him into the category of nihilist, but this isn’t entirely accruate.  He had no message for mankind, and is, in a sense, an “anti-guru.”   See Wikipedia.  He’s a very interesting character…more interesting than J. Krishnamurti.

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