Good Thing Alexander Wasn’t a Skeptic

On Neurological Blog, Dr. Novella   pooh-poohs “…complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) or “integrative” medicine – the essence of which is the wholesale abandonment of the standard of care in favor of wishful thinking and magic.”  This is quite surprising.  Because of some technical error I couldn’t read the entire post, nor could I leave a comment on his blog, but if I could I’d point out that early in the 20th century “chiropractic”  was considered nonsensical pseudoscientific balderdash.  Physicians at the time said it was an abandonment of scientific principles.  Also, the Alexander Technique (Wikipedia), which I have personally had fantastic results with, is often characterized by Skeptics as a load of pseudoscientific trash.  Too bad for those Skeptics!  (The point of this blog post title is that if F. Mathias Alexander was a skeptic, he would have never been open-minded enough to invent the Alexander Technique!)

Click for a 3 min. Video on the Alexander Technique

One comment on “Good Thing Alexander Wasn’t a Skeptic

  1. I couldn’t disagree more! To the contrary, I think it’s his scepticism of the general approach of the time to his own problems (and a very healthy scepticism of his own work) that enabled him to come out with something as valuable.
    In fact, although still not conventional by any means, I’m not comfortable with AT sharing the same ‘CAM’ banner as chrystal healing and reiki! I’d like to see much more research going on which would help (for those with an healthy scepticism) separate that which is good from that which isn’t.
    The reason I came across this page is in googling for AT and skeptic to see whether there is any grounds to believe the benefit I’m feeling from doing it could be placebo or whatever. There appears to be very little out there which would undermine the essential principles.
    Try googling reiki, homeopathy or NLP with skeptic, empirical evidence or research and see what comes up!

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