Star Trek: The Original Series: “The Naked Time”

The crew finds six dead scientists at a station. The circumstances of their deaths are not apparent; however, the life support systems had been found shut down and all control systems frozen solid.

One of the Enterprise crewmen carelessly removes his gloves and is contaminated by a strange red liquid. Later the man notices a strange itch and begins to act irrationally. He threatens Lt. Sulu with a knife, then attempts to turn it on himself.  He is escorted to the sickbay where he later dies. Dr. McCoy is left bewildered, especially since the wounds were not that serious… Soon a bizarre affliction begins to affect other crew members and quickly spreads through the ship. They each begin to display both comical and horrific exaggerations of character. McCoy finds nothing like it in Starfleet records……….

Click to Watch “The Naked Time” (50 minutes)

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