9/11–The New Pearl Harbor

Dr. David Ray Griffin

Dr. David Ray Griffin

Regarding 9/11 and the destruction of the World Trade Center: Wow!  19 backwoods guys defeated the greatest military power in the history of the world, and took down 3 skyscrapers by hitting two of them with planes… (the 3rd one, somehow, blew up by itself…I guess the terrorists got lucky)…  Not only that, but we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to specialized companies with specialized knowledge and equipment to get buildings to “implode,” yet these bumpkins somehow did it.

These guys also foiled the military or maybe they “just got lucky” that even though Air Force jets are scrambled 100 times a year for emergencies wherein aircraft encroach upon restricted US airspace, but somehow this time they just weren’t scrambled???  This may sound ludicrous, but the evidence is complex (and the official story doesn’t hold up well), and the only real way to judge it is to read, for yourself, “The New Pearl Harbor” by David Ray Griffin.  It’s a short read, and well worth it.


Also, Check Out: The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) “was an American neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., to ‘promote American global leadership,’ with a focus on ‘military strength and moral clarity.’  It exerted strong influence on George W. Bush and strongly affected the administration’s development of military and foreign policies, especially involving national security and the Iraq War.”

More groundwork: Bush’s “The National Security Strategy, September 2002” (Webpage)  (PDF)

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