Core Doctrine of Process Philosophy #2 (of 10):

Core Doctrine #2: ”Hard-Core Commonsense Notions [are] the ultimate test of the adequacy of a philosophical position.”  From: Griffin, David R. “Reenchantment Without Supernaturalism” (p. 5)

Hard-Core Common Sense notions are notions that are presupposed in practice by all human beings. (Not only, e.g., people in the West or the East, but all people.)  To deny one of them violates the law of noncontradiction, because in order to act in the world we must implicitly affirm it, but because our philosophy or epistemology explicitly denies it, there’s a violation of noncontradiction. E.g., Materialistic, Sensationistic Empiricism may deny causality and deny human freedom, however, we all at least intuitively know events cause other events (and we act as if they do), and we all feel our actions are at least partly free.  This is why we find someone guilty in a court of law and put then in jail for the rest of their life for committing a crime–they freely did wrong and are morally responsible for their free actions.  To deny this and say human actions are predetermined by scientific law, or by God, is a violation of Griffin’s Hard Core Common Sense.  This particular example shows that an epistemology which holds human beings are not free (such as some interpretations of materialistic empiricism) is inadequate as a worldview.

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