Another TNQ (Troythulu’s Noontide Query):  “What is the Highest Virtue of All?”

My answer:

Excellent question, Troy.  I would say it’s artificial to think of virutues separately, because in life various aspects of being human constellate into a particular way to comport oneself.  This is why Plato thought there was only one virtue, but that it defied a limited definition.  This one virtue was really many qualities put together.  Separate virtues are really connected at a more fundamental level.  In order to do justice to the idea of any one particular virtue, in other words, one must think synoptically.  So, I’d have to say the seven classical or cardinal virtues are all-important: Prudence, Justice, Restraint, Fortitude, Faith, Hope, and Charity.  A person’s subjective world is more enjoyable and more harmonious internally, and the person enjoys better relations to the external world of things and people, as measured by the amount of each of the seven virtues the person is able to employ in a practical sense.

Aloha!  (BTW, “Aloha” is the virtue of “Charity”)

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