Whatever is, in fact, IS!

Tolle’s primary message is to “Live in the Now.”  Don’t let worries about the past or future infect the now and stifle your productive action in the moment.  How do we move from where we’re at (worrying about the future and complaining about the past) and live in the Now?  USE our dysfunctional reactions to wake up by fully experiencing them when they happen.

We wrote about Troy’s question below, “Are there ever times when life just doesn’t seem to go how you want it to?” The answer for me, and most of us, is YES.  We get disappointed when things don’t go our way.  We even get ticked-off sometimes.  But Tolle has a formula to use to help us wake ourselves up, and not get drawn into complaining, unproductiveness, and suffering of feeling things just aren’t going our way: Repeat this and (somehow!) internalize it and be aware of its truth: “Whatever is, in fact, IS!!” There’s no getting around reality. Accept what is, and if you react badly to contingency, then be aware of your suffering. It may transform you. Acceptance and Surrender!  Some people are better at surrender and acceptance of what is, thus they are able to work their will and shape their lives toward good outcomes, even in the midst of the contingencies that life throws at them.  But until you’re able to surrender and accept on a continual basis, take the opportunity when you’re ticked off about contingencies to feel the reality of the phrase, “Whatever is, in fact, IS!!”

2 comments on “Whatever is, in fact, IS!

  1. Hi Aliman,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and watching the video of Eckhart. What is IS! How beautiful, incontrovertible, and freeing. Whatever is, in fact, IS! This will be my touchstone as I move through the whitewaters of a typical day- thank you very much for this post!

    • Mahalo for your comment, Colleen.

      Indeed! The logic is simply perfect: A = A. Note that we can interpret the event in whatever manner we wish, as good or bad or indifferent, but Tolle doesn’t seem to be addressing this aspect at all. He simply by-passes it, and says, however we interpret it, it IS!

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