Truth & the Atheist-Theist debate (Vid)

Dr. Corey Anton posted a great vid (9 min.) entitled, Truth & The Atheist-Theist Debate.  I especially enjoyed the comments about the misguided skeptical attitude.  There’s good skepticism (we can all use a healthy dose of this continually), but then there’s the skepticism which bashes on ridiculous dogmatism.  Corey says, When you were two years old you told your parents, “2+2 = 4!” and they applauded you.  Good little girl/boy!  But now we’re adults.  We don’t get to say: “The world was NOT created in 7 days and created ex nihilo” and think we’ve said something substantial or revealing or profound!

Another interesting point is the erroneous over-identification of the scientific attitude with the atheistic and skeptical attitudes.  Too many folks claim they’re scientists because they have atheistic attitudes!  Hey, let’s check in with reality every now and then. Aloha!

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