Bible vs. Big Bang?

A question was asked recently:

Which idea corresponds more to actual events, the account of creation found in Genesis (King James version), or the Big Bang theory (BBT) as postulated by Lemaitre?
The way the question is phrased here clearly favors the BBT in that the question refers to “events.” It’s a fact that the universe is expanding (and that the expansion is accelerating) which are events happening even now, and these events bode well for the BBT rather than the biblical account.  HOWEVER:

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Just a Thought: Islam

Just a thought without being too apologetic about it: Over 1/3 of all the Muslims in the world (about 635,000,000) live in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. If Islam is such a terrible religion, as it’s all-too-commonly percieved to be today, then how come these countries aren’t hotbeds of seething Islamic violence like Afghanistan, etc.?
Could it be that all these Muslims are quite rich and organized, and they assign various terrorist roles to certain members, then ship them off to Afghanistan and Iran, etc.? Of course, how terrible for those left behind in Indonesia and such, because they’re consigned to a life of peace and normality which goes against their religion…but this is the fate they have to suffer.
Or could it be that the problem isn’t the religion itself, but the radical idiots and the goverments in certain countries? Just a thought. (Source: Islam by Country in Wikipedia)

Skewed Views?

Many views on Islam are skewed, as if the religion is equivalent to its fundamental interpretation. We all understand, when it comes to Christianity, that well-informed people with a balanced opinion wouldn’t associate Christianity with the Klu Klux Klan (they certainly call themselves good Christians) or the pro-lifers who bomb and kill in the name of Christianity, or the myriad of Christian fundamentalist groups that program their followers (especially the young). None of those are in line with Christianity, because Christianity isn’t about killing or brainwashing. None of the monotheistic religions are, including Islam. In order to move into a solid future where we all cooperate and worship together, we all have to understand various religions in a balanced way, and have the knowledge and awareness to shun one-dimensional caricatures.